Winchcombe School

Since 2015, Active Heating® Services Ltd has worked in partnership with Winchcombe School and Happy Kids School Newbury, carrying out all hot water and boiler services, scheduled monitoring and maintenance, reactive maintenance and appliance servicing.

In order to minimise the need for the school to be closed due to lack of heat, and understanding that WCs or lack of hot water and water leaks can be a safety concern, Active Heating provide same day attendance to call outs.

All quotes for repairs are detailed and completely transparent.

Key deliverables include:

  • Servicing 6 commercial boilers once per annum with replacement seals or ignition parts as required by Manufacturer’s instructions
  • Monitoring commercial calorifiers
  • Servicing high and low-level system filters
  • Descaling 30+ water heaters annually with anode and function check
  • Servicing thermostatic mixing valves at intervals set by Legionella Consultant
  • Servicing 20+ master/save fan convector units
  • Same day or 24-hour breakdown attendance
  • Replacing water heaters and thermostatic valves
  • Putting scale reducing measures in place
  • Advisory notes on anything which has a safety or cost implication are given

West Berkshire Council

Active Heating® Services Ltd values and serves schools in the local area. On behalf of West Berkshire Council, they currently work in a variety of local schools replacing gas and oil heating appliances including oil tanks.

The current project with West Berkshire Council sees Active Heating delivering on requirements for three West Berkshire Schools including the replacement of fan convectors, upgrading their electrical supply and siting a new fire proof oil tank, as well as establishing a new oil line while decommissioning an old underground oil tank.

Active Heating are always keen to ensure they provide a value added service. One project revealed a non-regulatory electrical supply behind the old fan convector units. Remedial work to bring the electrics up to current standards was quoted and accepted the same day for next day rectification.

Key deliverables include:

  • Replacing 3 fan convectors in school holidays. Upgrading non-conforming electrical supply revealed behind old fan convectors.
  • Replacing 5 fan convectors in school holidays with consideration of safe working practices for out of hours school clubs.
  • Decommission underground tank by removing all oil connections and filling with foam with all regulatory requirements for fire safety and ensuring environmental protection was met.
  • Re-site new oil tank meeting fire and environmental regulations. Retrenching new oil line to existing boilers.
  • Meeting procurement standards of procedure, job schedule and follow up certification.

Greenham Business Park

Active Heating® Services Ltd are proud to have worked in partnership with Greenham Business Park and Greenham Trust Facilities Management since 2009.

For 10 years Active Heating Services has been the principal contractor for the reactive and planned maintenance of oil heating and hot water services for several units on the 150-acre Business Park.

Work has included replacement of multi sectional boilers and their flue and control systems.

Off-site locations such as an office block, Community Centre and an industrial unit have been maintained by Active Heating in the same way.

The Facilities Management team need to meet the urgent requests of office tenants. The work Active Heating does is reflective of the facilities team so same day response is accommodated.

Added value has been given by deep cleaning and inspection of oil boilers with burners out, so the engineer can inspect seals and signs of worn parts. This is all part of Active Heating’s preventative approach.

Key deliverables include:

  • Servicing oil boilers twice per year
  • Prolonging life of troubled oil boilers
  • Servicing commercial gas boilers
  • Checking and maintaining or repairing vital pump sets
  • Controls and checks and associated electrical minor works
  • Associated pipework and valve work for sectional control
  • Breakdown attendance within 24 hours 
  • Methodical approach to zone heating failure

Burghclere Church of Ascension

Active Heating® Services Ltd are proud to work in partnership with the Church of the Ascension, Burghclere. Together with their team of engineers, owners and Directors of Active Heating, Alan and Debbie Carter, install, repair and maintain heating systems and water systems for domestic and commercial customers.

Established for over 20 years, Active Heating are your small and local, big and capable heating company. With a loyal, dedicated and experienced team, Active Heating deliver outstanding service to every customer, no matter the scale of the project.

Initially commissioned to service the old oil boiler in the Church basement, the team at Active Heating found there was a split in the burner. Quick to ensure the safety of all, Active Heating replaced the boiler and tall flue liner. Engineers assessing systems at the Church also introduced better water conditioning and management.

Every job is likely to have its challenges, particularly when working in an old and precious building. Active Heating are careful to ensure the maintenance of every building they work in, to find cost-effective solutions to problems and always provide their customers with added value where possible.

This was no different at Burghclere Church of the Ascension. Getting the boiler down into the basement and the old one out was overcome with a risk assessed mechanical lift and brace method. The 10m flue was obstructed and, after cleaning, it was still a careful and slow process to take the old flue out and drop down the new.

The fabric of the building is hundreds of years old and Active Heating are mindful of its protection and the careful consideration of appropriate fixings.

Key deliverables include:

  • Annual servicing of the oil boiler
  • Install of oil boiler and tall flue liner
  • Considerable upgrade of electrics to meet regulations
  • Replacement of pressurisation unit
  • Introduction of 2 strong magnetic filters for long term care of the system water
  • Introduction of isolation valves for less expensive future working

Donnington Grove

Established over 20 years ago by Managing Director, Alan Carter, Active Heating® Services Ltd installs, repairs and maintains heating systems and water systems for domestic and commercial customers.

Active Heating have been working with Donnington Grove Hotel and Golf Club since 2008, completing boiler replacements and annual heating and hot water maintenance. In addition to the Main Hotel building, the Hotel has eleven properties. Active Heating manage all heating and hot water servicing and breakdown attendance in all the Hotel’s properties.

Active Heating pride themselves on overcoming challenges, presenting cost effective solutions and always adding value to every job or project. Whilst carrying out work at Donnington Grove, the crucial consideration is to always support the Hotel in meeting its room occupancy by maintaining hot water in all rooms.

When a 3-immersion cylinder failed, Active Heating isolated the electrically faulty immersion and kept the hot water cylinder running on two while a replacement immersion was couriered – ensuring less disruption to guests or potential hotel occupancy.

Key deliverables include:

  • Several boiler replacements
  • Commercial calorifier replacements
  • Water softener replacement
  • Associated control and electrical work
  • Associated pipework and valve work for sectional control
  • Breakdown attendance within 24 hours
  • Emergency temporary work to maintain hot water and heating • Catering equipment servicing

Greenham Control Tower

Being a local company means Active Heating are always aware of and interested in upcoming projects within the community. Learning that Greenham Airfield Control Tower, a war time Control Tower for the American Airbase was being converted into leisure and educational use to benefit the community, Active Heating were keen to be involved in the project.

A requirement of the renovation was that all original pipework and ducting had to be maintained for display. Active Heating won this sought after tender to design and install a complete heating system over 3 floors to replace the basic plug in electrical heating which has existed since the World Wars and through to the 1960’s when the air field was an American Air base. These facilities have since been maintained by Active Heating.

This total refurbishment project with sequential project managers gave rise to many build design variations. Active Heating maintained exceptional relations with the new contacts and provided quote variations prior to work continuing with full justifications.

Key deliverables include:

  • Install of two commercial oil boilers and flueing system
  • Install of oil tank and oil line in secure area
  • Install of filtering system for heating and oil
  • Install of wastes for kitchen
  • Install of radiators
  • Install of zoned and timed controls
  • Install of all heating and hot water pipework, mostly in underfloor ducting
  • Bi-annual boiler servicing and controls check

” We have found it easy to work with Active Heating, they are technically capable, reliable, clear in their quoting and invoicing and their engineers and office staff are courteous. They are promt to react in an emergency and are fully committed to keeping us operational when we have experienced any breakdowns. ”

Nigel Roberts Green, General Manager – Donnington Grove

For a local heating service for local people and businesses delivered by a local company you can rely on – get in touch.